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We regularly create new bamboo designs!

Windfall Bamboo Garden, picture
Windfall Bamboo Garden, more info CAN $29.99 - [CBAMPLA]
Windfall Bamboo Garden
Three's a Charm, picture
Three's a Charm, more info CAN $18.99 - [CBAMCYL]
Three's a Charm
The Goth, picture
The Goth, more info CAN $40.00 - [CBAMSQ9]
The Goth

Be Blue No More, picture
Be Blue No More, more info CAN $30.00 - [CBAMSQ5]
Be Blue No More
Yin Yan, picture
Yin Yan, more info CAN $35.00 - [CBAMSQ7]
Yin Yan
Zen and Now, picture
Zen and Now, more info CAN $40.00 - [CBAMSQBK]
Zen and Now

Now and Zen, picture
Now and Zen, more info CAN $45.00 - [CBAMSQBR]
Now and Zen
It's hip to be triangle!, picture
It's hip to be triangle!, more info CAN $25.00 - [CBAMTRI]
It's hip to be triangle!
CAN $65.00 - [CBAMORWH]
"Everbloom" Bamboo Garden

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